Semi-Failed Prank Call

Semi-failed Prank Call

Description: So, we were at my birthday party (April 2009). We were bored, so we prank called my friend Vanessa’s sister. My cousin did the …

Mike's College Prank

Mike’s College Prank

Description: Chris decided to punch Mike one night. So Mike grabbed some spray glue and decided to dish out a little payback while Chris was …

My Top 3 Gamestop Prank Calls On Youtube

My Top 3 Gamestop Prank Calls on Youtube

Description: My Top 3 Gamestop Prank Calls On Youtube Originally posted 2010-04-13 03:07:11. Republished by Blog Post Promoter

Attack Of The Dinkle!

Attack of the Dinkle! “Scare / Prank”

Description: Pranks From 1997’s “Kevin & Bob, Unplugged” Home Movie Vault. Danny Dinkle uses a saxophone, pitch pipe, and his yelling to scare his Mom, …

Ownagepranks: Asian resturant takeout prank call

Ownagepranks: Asian Resturant Takeout Prank Call

Description: Ownage calls for a suck-a-dick chicken. Originally posted 2010-03-26 15:06:04. Republished by Blog Post Promoter

Cod4 office pranks

Cod4 Office Pranks

Description: Brad W p2-Bottom-what you saw Brad N p1-Top-person who blows up Originally posted 2009-10-29 11:52:55. Republished by Blog Post Promoter

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The Fallopian Chase

The Fallopian Chase

Description: Duquesne University students dress up as a condom, sperm and an egg to recreate the miracle that is conception… throughout the campus. … sperm …

Yellow Pages Prank in dorm room

Yellow Pages Prank in Dorm Room

Description: At Nova Southeastern University, our friend Ben was gone for the weekend so we did this to his room. He had a roommate so …

First College Prank

First College Prank

Description: Just moved into college about 2 weeks ago and figured a prank was called for. I set my friend’s home page to a picture …

American Boy Parody-

American Boy Parody-“First Asian Boy”

Description: IF THE VIDEO SAYS NOT AVAILABLE JUST REFRESH OR PUSH HIGH QUALITY! FREE DOWNLOAD this is my remix of estelle and kanye’s “american …